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By Patrick C. (Breslau, Canada) on 07 June 2015 :
Product rated : Organic Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set I was really surprised how warm and comfortable these sheets are, the more they are washed the better they feel.
By Helen C. (Houston, United States) on 06 June 2015 :
Product rated : Madison 7-Piece Duvet Cover Set The fake fabric is so unbreathable it causes so much overheating I had to take out the duvet after the first night and sleep just under the duvet cover. Even that was too hot so I switched to sleeping under the duvet with no cover which was a giant waste of money. I lay it over in the morning so it looks nice. Spend the extra on real cotton.
By Katie M. (Wilson, United States) on 22 May 2015 :
Product rated : Rayon Bamboo Solid Bed Sheet Set I was so thrilled when I found these sheets- I bought 4 sets and plan to buy more. I bought a few other bamboo sheet sets that were over 100's of dollars and these, by far, are the most comfortable and silky, and most reasonably priced. I recommend if you like silky sheets- they are almost like sateen and keep you comfortable and regulate your body heat. Try them! What do you have to lose for only $60- plus free shipping. Customer support is awesome too and have always answered my questions or found solutions to my concerns in a very timely manner. Beyond a please customer here. Thanks!!

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