Egyptian Cotton Bedding - Not Just The Thread Count

Egyptian Cotton Bedding - Not Just The Thread Count

In the world of Egyptian cotton bed sheets, the thread count seems to be the major factor that everyone is after when they try to determine the quality of the bed sheet or duvet cover. The higher the thread count the better quality, right? Not exactly!

First, let us quickly review what is thread count. It is the number of threads in a square inch. Perfect! It seems to be a very simple process to differentiate products. Well, the thread count is not the only factor. How many plys of threads used in the fabric manufacturing is another factor that substantially increase or decrease the quality of your bed sheet or duvet.

What is Ply?

It is how many layers of threads being twisted together to create the final thread being used in your bed sheet or duvet.

Single Ply (1-ply) is only one thread of Long Yarn Egyptian Cotton used, as it is, to produce your product. 2-Ply, means that two threads are twisted together first to create a longer thread, which is trying to mimic the true Long Yarn Egyptian Cotton. The impact of this substantial in the quality of the product you are getting. Instead of using one Single-ply of Long Yarn Egyptian Cotton to produce excellent quality, cheaper fibers are instead twisted together (2-Ply or Multi-Ply) to create a longer thread

Now back to the thread count:

I am guessing by now you are starting to realize how you have seen some 1600 Thread counts for very cheap ( ..... ). Yes, if they are using 2-ply or muli-ply threads a 1600TC bed sheet or duvet can be sold for less than $100. You are just not getting the true Egyptian Cotton Quality. What might make this even worse is some manufacturers will actually count the 2 Plys as two separate threads so the 1600 is truly an 800 thread count of a lower quality cotton.

So lets ask the question again.

The higher the thread count the better quality the product is, right? No! The type of Cotton used and the number of Plys used combined with the thread count is how you determine the quality of your bed sheet or duvet cover

Always make sure that it is 100% Long Staple/Yarn Egyptian Cotton

Always make sure that it is Single Ply (1-ply) thread

If the manufacturer does not list it, do not assume it. Call and/or e-mail the retailer to get these details, because these details are the difference in the quality of your product. Know what you are buying.

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